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Interview Series: Lindy Turner-Hardin and the Child Abuse Prevention Council

The San Joaquin County Family Justice Center is fortunate to have a number of agencies working with us to make our vision a reality. We hope the SJCFJC’s mission is one that inspires those in our community to come together to help victims of abuse get the support they need. The SJCFJC would not be possible without partners like the Child Abuse Prevention Council and Lindy Turner-Hardin. Turner-Hardin sat down with us to discuss the CAPC’s mission and how that mission works with the mission of the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center.

The Child Abuse Prevention Council of San Joaquin County (CAPC) is one of a number of agencies that have pledged their support as a partner of the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center. Lindy Turner-Hardin, the Executive Director of the CAPC, describes the mission of the CAPC as one that aims to strengthen families and protect children by breaking down the core issues that plague a family and finding the right resources to address those issues. The CAPC uses strength-focused resources to empower children and families and focus on positive change rather than negative behavior. Turner-Hardin stated that significant improvement in behavior has been found when services are readily available- accessibility is essential and without accessibility of resources, change happens slowly, if at all. Because of this emphasis on accessibility, the CAPC is an integral partner for the SJCFJC.

When asked about the current state of services in San Joaquin County, Turner-Hardin stated that, “we are making [victims] jump through hoops… accessibility just makes sense.” Accessibility extends beyond ease; it also provides comfort and security. Turner-Hardin stressed how important it is that parents are assured that children are under the same roof, have access to services they need, and are safe. This can only happen when services are provided in one space for victims and their families.

The CAPC offers a number of services that make it an obvious partner for the SJCFJC. The CAPC’s parent coaching services, family strengthening program, and parent café all work towards their mission of behavior modification. But it is not just services that make an organization an outstanding partner- it is a similar understanding and the same end goal. The CAPC’s focus on accessibility, the primary mission of the SJCFJC, makes it a necessary partner. We are so thankful for the hard work of Lindy Turner-Hardin and the incredible team at the Child Abuse Prevention Council. We look forward to collaborating with them for the benefit of our community as we continue to move forward with the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center.

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