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Welcome Room Refreshments & Emergency Food Bundles

Some who visit the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center come with only the clothes on their back.

Their trauma is so recent, they are still in shock, and may have not eaten for an extended period of time, maybe even days.  It is incredibly important to be able to meet the basic need of food in order to assist someone as they make critical decisions.

We will gratefully accept the following for Welcome Room Refreshments:

  • Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

  • Coffee Mate Powdered Creamer

  • Tea

  • Sugar and Splenda Packets

  • Mixing Sticks

  • Paper Coffee Cups and Lids

  • Disposable Spoons

  • Granola Bars

  • Individually Wrapped Snacks

  • Individual Serving Yogurt

  • GoGurt

  • Apple Sauce Squeeze Packets

  • Mandarin Oranges

  • String Cheese

  • Single Serving Cereal Bowls

  • Milk 

  • Bottled Water

  • Juice Boxes

We will gratefully accept the following for Emergency Food Bundles:

1 - Can Chicken Breast 

2 - Cup Noodles    

2 - Can Tuna    

1 - Instant Rice

4 - Hormel Completes

3 - Granola Bars    

1 - Chef Boyardee Pasta

1 - Can Soup

2 - Velveeta Mac and Cheese

1 - Can Vegetables

1 - Sleeve of Crackers

2 - Single Serving Cereal Bowls

2 - Juice Boxes



Success Boutique

In addition to the need for food, some who visit the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center have had to flee so quickly, they are unable to pack everyday essentials. We are here to provide necessities such as clothing, underwear, diapers, and personal hygiene products

We will gratefully accept the following items:

Women's casual clothing

Children's casual clothing

Yoga pants

NEW kid and adult socks

NEW kid and women's underwear

NEW sports bras

Maxi Pads/tampons



Body soap





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Choose the way you would like to get involved and make a change right here in your community.  Candidates providing on-site and off-site victim services must pass a background investigation.   


If you ARE IN, simply fill out the I AM IN! PLEDGE FORM and tell us how you want to help.


On-site services - established organizations willing co-locate within the FJC


Off-site services - established organizations willing to provide services at the FJC when called


Hosting Fundraising Events - big or small events to support our mission 


On-site Volunteerism - hospitality, greeting, tutoring, mentoring, child care, interpreting, facility attendants, office work


Off-site Volunteerism - working fundraisers, creation of decorations and tokens, pet fosters


Advocacy - with certification, volunteers will be accepted


Grant Writing - governmental, corporate, and non-profit grants


Marketing - public outreach, assist in maintaining various social media outlets, public relations


Other - YOU TELL US!



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