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Choose the way you'd like to get involved and make a change right here in your community.  Candidates providing on-site and off-site victim services must pass a background investigation.   


If you ARE IN, simply fill out the I AM IN! PLEDGE FORM and tell us how you want to help.




On-site services - established organizations willing co-locate within the FJC


Off-site services - established organizations willing to provide services at the FJC when called


Hosting Fundraising Events - big or small events to support our mission (background investigation not required)


On-site Volunteerism - hospitality, greeting, tutoring, mentoring, child care, interpreting, facility attendants,

office work


Off-site Volunteerism - working fundraisers, creation of decorations and tokens, pet fosters


Advocacy - with certification, volunteers will be accepted


Grant Writing - governmental, corporate, and non-profit grants


Marketing - public outreach, assist in maintaining various social media outlets, public relations


Other - YOU TELL US!